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Be Spoke Podcast

Feb 2, 2020

Deborah Emmanuel (b.1988) is a Singaporean artist, most recognised for her work as a poet, singer and theatre-maker. Deborah’s gifts have taken her across oceans, from the spiritual settings of Bali and Kathmandu to the vibrant cities of Berlin, London and New York. Her powerful performances have been at select events like TEDx Singapore and The Performance Theatre, and have toured alongside performance poetry sensation Sarah Kay. 

Her writing continues to feature at poetry festivals like the Barcelona International Poetry Festival and the Makassar International Writers Festival and has even won competitions in Singapore, Germany and Australia. The quality and versatility of her craft has also seen her invited as a resident artist to respected spaces such as Literarisches Colloquium Berlin and The Watermill Center New York.

When their visions are aligned, Deborah works with consumer giants like Procter & Gamble or Lululemon to workshop staff members and perform for target audiences. She also takes on commission projects, like ones with fashion label Lisa Von Tang and cultural organisation Goethe Institut.

Deborah’s first poetry collection, When I Giggle In My Sleep, was published by Red Wheelbarrow Books early 2015. Her creative non-fiction work Rebel Rites, was self-published with a well-funded Pozible campaign in 2016. After the success of that, Deborah decided to release her third book Genesis: Visual Poetry Collection in 2018 with the same independence. She has also released multiple music albums as a lead vocalist and collaborated on many sound works. This of course includes her current biggest projects Mantravine and Polymorphism.

In the last few years, Deborah’s work has been heavily influenced by political and feminist discourse, and a commitment to spiritual practice as the key to her personal revolution. This has led her to open up new abilities and pursue work in the healing arts as a shamanic practitioner and past life hypnotist. You can book a healing session below.

Box Troll was Mixed by Adam Yamin